About Us

Health and Care Videos is a trading arm of Health and Care Innovations LLP and over the last couple of years, we have been building a library of videos that we use in our acute hospital, our work in the community, and with our staff and carers.

They work. They save time, they save money, and they improve the patient and user experience of the care that we provide.

All of our videos have been developed by clinicians and specialists who work in the health and care sectors and now they are available for you to buy and use at a much lower cost than creating your own videos, without all the hard work.

Please take a look around the library. Once you have chosen the videos you want, we will add your logo and your contact details so that each video looks like one of your very own.  But the great thing is that you can get them within just a few days, without all the time involved in making your own, and at a much reduced cost; our prices start at just £50.

There are a range of pricing options, and if you go to the Using your Videos page, there are plenty of ideas for how you can really make the best use of your videos.