On location

The Production Process

So you’ve made the decision to use video and may have even worked with our planning team to ensure video is fully embedded at the heart of what you do.  It’s now time to start the production process and in 5 easy steps we can help turn your ideas into reality.

Step 1 – Video Library

As the largest health and care video library in the country we are proud to have nearly 300 videos that can be personalised with your logo and contact details and ready to use within just a few days.  Take a look at the range of videos available to you and make your purchase online.

Step 2 – Commission your own

If your clinical area or subject matter isn’t featured in our library, you can create your own content by commissioning your own video – more details on how to get started and pricing for this service can be found here.

Step 3 – Script writing

If you’re commissioning a brand new video we are here to help plan and write your scripts, using specialist script writers, clinicians and practitioners to ensure simple and effective communication of your message. Here is a short guide to the production process.

Step 4 – Filming

Each video is unique so our flexible production process enables us to either work onsite at the location of your choice or at our in house studio, choosing from a range of actors to suit the situation or in some cases, using actual staff and patients.  Our attention to detail and knowledge of the health industry ensures everything from equipment, uniforms and locations are relevant.

Step 5 – Sign Off

We are proud of what we do and hope you will be too.  We give you every opportunity from script writing to sign off to be involved and only when you are totally happy with the production do we make the video live.


If you would like to talk to us about how we can get you started using video then please get in touch.