Secondary Care

Video can help reduce costs and save time in secondary care

Reduced appointment time

Informed patients take up less time as many of their questions have already been answered.

Fewer appointments

Self care videos can help reduce the need to see a health professional for a follow up appointment.

Consistent information

Video helps to provide a consistent message and reduces the risk of inaccurate information being given.

Get up and running quickly and easily with our video library

Over 300 videos in a single library making it easy for you to share information with your patients to help them manage their conditions.

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One year’s access to the video library
How to use ‘Help Guides’

Optional extras
Design & print, accessible information (foreign language subtitles, British Sign Language), videos with hardcoded subtitles for public area TV screens

How video is being used in Trusts across the UK


Pregnancy information, tour of the delivery ward and a caesearean birth can be viewed at home, on tablets during appointments and via a pregnancy app.

Results: Better prepared patients, staff time saved and anxiety relieved


Foot exercises, foot care and what to expect in surgery video links are given to patient to encourage self care and prevention.

Results: Fewer follow up meetings and prevention


Range of videos explaining procedures and how to manage heart failure, with a specialised app used to deliver information during key stages in preparation for an operation.

Results: Better prepared patients and staff time saved explaining procedures


Provision of key information to help patients self manage their condition.  Delivery of information for diabetes education programme via email and app.  Read our case study.

Results: reduction in face to face education groups


Post operative exercise programme for patients to take home to aid their recovery and rehabilitation.  Read more in our case study.

Results: Fewer follow up appointments

Staff Training

Short videos are being used by a number of trusts to train staff in procedures and new systems, delivering consistent messages in an easily accessible format.  Read more in our case study.

Results: Consistent messages, easily accessed


Recruiting and retaining staff can be helped with an informative video, something Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are using across the region.

Results: Raising awareness and visual impact

Hip & Knee

Preparing patients pre-op, support during rehabilitation and how to manage at home.

Results: Alleviating concerns, preparing for shared decision making and self-care

The videos have not only helped us reduce the time we were spending on appointments, but they are also a great way to provide instructions to relatives and carers who may not have been able to visit at the appropriate times’.  Frances Hunt, Clinical Manager for Physiotherapy Out Patient Services