The Benefits of Using Video in Clinical Trials


Using short videos in hospital and GP practice waiting areas enables patients to learn about the trial and be encouraged to ask about getting involved.  Video is particularly powerful on social media and can reach a much wider, targeted population.


Video provides a simple, short and jargon free format that helps patients to understand what will be involved when they participate in a trial, reducing barriers, increasing commitment and improving retention.


Videos used in training provide consistent information to a wider audience and being cloud based, reduce the time/costs involved in onsite visits.  Knowledge quizzes and reporting tools help to evidence that staff have learned and understood the systems & protocols involved.


Video enables Clinical Research Nurses to spend less time explaining trial procedures and informed consent to patients and reduces the need for face to face staff training visits.

A recent controlled study identified video as a factor for increasing recruitment levels in clinical trials.



If you’d like to achieve the same results take a look at the options and costs involved in using our Clinical Trials Video Service.

Welcome to the Clinical Trials Video Service

There are a number of aspects to consider when planning to use video in your clinical trial

1. Production of your videos

2. Video clips of the procedures to be added to your videos

3. Number of sites

4. Create a Clinical Study Website

5. Personalising existing videos

6. Staff Training Knowledge Hub

7. Add on services

All prices are subject to VAT

1. Production of your videos

We always suggest that the videos are kept as short as possible.  These are our recommendations on how long each video should be depending on its audience and purpose.  You may need more than one video within a category in order to keep each one short and concise.

These costs are for our standard video format and include scriptwriter, the actor, filming and production, but we are able to do many different styles including animation, talking heads, interviews and promotional – take a look here at some examples of our work.

Category Recommended Length Production Cost Addition of Video/Animated Clips or Images
Talking Heads/Vox Pop Animation
Social Media – Short – Snapshot of the the trial to be used on social media Up to 30 seconds  £200  £100 n/a £600
Social Media – Overview of the trial to be used on social media Up to 1 minute  £375  £100 £1000 £1000
Awareness – Introduction and raising awareness of the trial to be used in trial or recruitment sites 1 to 2 minutes £475 £100 £1500 £2000
Staff Training – Giving Research and Primary Care staff the skills and knowledge to support the trial 3 to 4 minutes  £575  £200 £2500 £4000
Patient Information – Explaining trial procedures, removing barriers to participation and supporting informed consent and dissemination 3 to 5 minutes  £675  £200 £3000 £5000

If you require personalised clips such as front of your hospital building/ward or a specific piece of equipment, the charge for this would be £300 for each day of filming, plus travel expenses.

2. Adding Video Clips

We have a range of over 800 video/animation clips and images that you can add to your videos.  These include clips such as a nurse taking a patient’s blood pressure, a patient having a scan or a doctor talking to a patient.  If you want to add clips to your videos, the costs are shown in the final column in the table above.  You can add as many clips as you like for the costs shown.

If you require personalised clips such as front of your hospital building/ward or a specific piece of equipment, the charge for this would be £300 for each day of filming, plus travel expenses.

Sample Clinical Trial Costing

A clinical trial operating out of an NHS Trust, recruiting 500 patients from 4 hospital sites and 35 GP practices.

Item Cost
1 x marketing video (2 minutes) £475
1 x video explaining the procedure to patients (3 minutes) £575
Video clips added to the video explaining the procedure (3 minutes) £200
1 x staff training video (4 minutes) £675
3 additional versions of each of the 3 videos, for the other 3 sites @ £125 each  £1125
Knowledge Hub online assessment with 3 tests £1000
Total cost £4050
Cost per site £1350
Potential Cost Saving  
10 minutes saved in 500 recruitment appointments* £7166
Removal of 39 face to face training sessions* £2632
Saving £9798

*Costs based on £86 per hour of patient contact time and £36 per hour of working time.  Data taken from PSSRU ‘Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2016


3. Number of sites

If your trial is running across a number of sites you may want to create additional versions of your videos using the logos and contact details for each of the sites to use.

The cost is £125 per site for each additional video created.

4. Create a Clinical Study Website

We can create a simple clinical study website so participants and medical professionals can access videos and supporting information in one place. See an example site here. Cost £1000 +VAT for up to 5 pages.

5. Personalising existing videos

We have a range of videos that we produced to raise awareness of clinical trials amongst patients, as well as videos to support staff training.  All these videos can be personalised with your logo and contact details so that you can use them in your own programmes of work.
The cost is only £125 for each video that we personalise for you.

6. Staff Training Knowledge Hub

An online tool that provides a place to train, test and evaluate staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to support the trial.  This removes the need to deliver onsite training at multiple trial sites.  The Knowledge Hub can be personalised with your logo and you can manage and report on learner activity.


Up to 3 knowledge tests = £1,000

Up to 5 knowledge tests = £2,000

7. Add On Services


We can produce animated clips or videos at a cost of £500 per 30 seconds of animation

Participant and Staff Surveys

These can be built, hosted and reported on for you at a cost of £100 per survey


A centralised place for timely information and consent procedures including relevant notification features.
Set up costs start from £4000

 Subtitles and British Sign Language

Take a look at our ‘Accessible Information‘ page


Your Videos

Once the production process is complete, you will receive an MP4 video file for each video and an embed code that will be live for a minimum of three years. 

There are no ongoing licence fees or limits in the number users or viewers; they are your videos to use as you wish.


What now?

To find out more about using video in your trial, call us on 01626 833937 or email [email protected]