Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Cardiac Centre have removed the need for ALL Linq implant pre-admission appointments and reduced Angiogram pre-admission appointments by 80% all thanks to the effective deployment of video.

How video helped with cardiology’s pathway redesign


 Angiogram – reduction of 5 hours to 1 hour of nurse time


Historically, pre-admission angiogram appointments were carried out by a Band 5 Nurse over 2 clinics and 10 one-to-one consultations each week, equating to over 5 hours of staff to patient contact time.

Health and Care Videos worked with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust to produce the patient information video; ‘Having an Angiogram’

The department now run 2 group sessions with 10 patients in attendance. Their longer term aim is to use the video in place of the group sessions so individuals can watch it in the comfort of their own home.

Since its implementation, staff time is reduced to only 1 hour per week, an annual saving of £3000.

Linq Device Implantation – no requirement for any face to face pre-admission appointments

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust investigated the possibility of performing these procedures more simply and at a lower cost, so worked on a service redesign for the implantation of the Linq Device to potentially reform the clinical standard operating procedure.

Working with Phil Keeling, Consultant Cardiologist, Health and Care Videos produced 2 Linq patient information videos.

1)    A pre-procedure video to inform patients of what the Linq monitor is, its benefits and what to expect on the day of their procedure.

2)    A post-procedure video that describes the use of the Linq activator and the MyCareLink remote communicator and tells patients how to set it up.

These videos have markedly improved the consent process and allowed us to cancel the pre-admission appointment with our arrhythmia nurses.’

‘We believe this service redesign for the implantation of Linq devices is a step forward and could easily be replicated in other hospitals within the UK and abroad’. – Phil Keeling

What’s next?

We are now working to use these videos, as well as 20 additional videos, in to a cardiology patient pathway app.

New videos currently in production include:

  • 5 videos specifically relating to angioplasty
  • 5 videos covering atrial fibrillation pre-assessment
  • A 10-video series surrounding pacemaker device education, including 4 devices of varying complexity


Health and Care Videos have been working with around 30 specialty departments across the Trust who now have an impressive library of over 200 patient information videos. Over the last year the Trust videos have achieved in excess of 30,000 views.

Keep up to date with our current projects on Twitter @hcvlibrary and learn more about using our video libraries in your patient pathways.