Health & Care Videos

About Us

Who are we?

– Health & Care Videos is a joint venture with Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Rocklands Media Ltd.  
– Our aim is to use video to improve care across the whole health economy, and to reduce demand and increase capacity by providing professionals, patients, their families and carers with easily understandable information, in an easily accessible way.

What do we do?

– We make videos available to health and care providers so that they can help people through their pathways of care.  
– We have over 900 ‘How to’ and ‘What to Expect’ videos.  
– We’ve made the videos easily accessible through our ready made bolt-on libraries that can be customised to meet local needs and audiences and here is the example secondary care library that we are discussing with Jo Evans.

What do we deliver?

– 25% reduction in podiatry appointment time
– Ending of angiogram pre-operative appointment sessions
– Reduction in the time required for annual reviews for Progesterone Only Pill
– Shorter appointment times and improved inhaler technique
– Reworked Shoulder Rehabilitation programme
– Reduction in pre-diabetes appointments
– This page on our website provides access to some of our evaluation work and the most current updates are in our most recent newsletters  Please take a look around.