Take the Healthy Lifestyles online quiz

Healthy Lifestyles online quiz

In an effort to get Torbay residents to think about their health, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust commissioned Health & Care Videos to produce an interactive Healthy Lifestyles online quiz

The Healthy Lifestyles quiz is quick and easy to use and starts by asking for general information about the respondent; name, age, gender, height and weight.  It then goes on to ask about eating habits, alcohol consumption, smoking status and emotional health.

Healthy Lifestyles Quiz

When all the questions have been answered, the respondent gets instant and personalised feedback on how to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. Based on the outcome, it also signposts the respondent to relevant local organisations, such as the depression and anxiety service, stop smoking support, support groups and information videos that can help them reach their health goals.

The feedback is comprehensive, encouraging and easy to understand. Respondents can print this information, and use it as a basis for their new healthcare regime.

The quiz can be done anonymously or if a respondent registers with their name and contact details, they are then provided with further information on which services to access.

Call Health & Care Videos today, and discover how this interactive quiz may help your locality improve their health.

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