Case study: Interlagos increases patient engagement and reduces cost with online leaflet and video combination



Interlagos, in conjunction with one of the country’s most progressive NHS Foundation Trusts, Sheffield Teaching Hospital, has developed groundbreaking Patient Information Publishing Software (PIPS) that allows the trust to produce and manage over 1600 patient leaflets with just two Patient Information Administrators. This new online tool has not only dramatically transformed the way Sheffield manage their patient information but has also allowed them to produce high quality printed information in a fraction of the time it took previously.  The ease of use of the system and the speed of turnaround has resulted in large-scale acceptance of PIPS.


“If patient engagement were a drug, it would be the blockbuster drug of the century…” (1) a key finding of one of the numerous research studies into patient management carried out here and in the States. Each proves that well-informed and engaged patients are better at self management of their own conditions. Further, better self-management means fewer hospital visits, which in turn means lower healthcare costs and less call on the NHS.  An integral part of better patient management is quality patient information; information that is clear, easy to understand and presented in a user friendly format. That’s where Interlagos come in and a new joint venture with Health and Care Videos so that audiovisual input can be added to a printed patient information leaflet.


The PIPS system works by simply adding a special code to the leaflet which when scanned by the patient’s phone, accesses a video relevant to the patient’s care programme. Visual prompts supporting the spoken word is acknowledged to be easier, more user friendly learning method, giving patients a more comprehensive understanding of the information we want them to take on board. A demonstration of an exercise or procedure is so much better communicated and assimilated through the moving image.

This exciting development is now available to all NHS Trusts helping you to further enhance the quality of the information supplied to your patients. A video library is available through PIPS or the system can include any videos produced independently by you or through Health and Care Videos.

Interlagos leaflet with QR

Here’s the video the QR code scans through to:

(1) Leonard Kish Principal & Co-Founder at VivaPhi


“Interlagos and Health and Care Videos have recently started working together to develop video solutions for patients using Patient Information Leaflets. Interlagos have for some time been looking for a way to improve the clarity of Patient Information Leaflets, making them easier to understand and to present them in a more user friendly format.  We’d considered creating our own library of videos to use but once we saw the Health and Care Videos library we were impressed with the quality and extensive range already available for use, we recognised that we would not be able to improve on their service.   We then approached Richard Wyatt-Haines at Health and Care Videos to take part in a joint venture, with Richard immediately seeing the benefits of extending their offering through the addition of leaflets as a medium.

Throughout my dealings with Health and Care Videos I have experienced the thoroughly professional organisation that they are, reflected in the quality of their products.  Both organisations share the same ambition to improve the quality of information provided to patients, which in the long run will help patients to self-manage their conditions and consequently reduce their visits to hospitals.”

Philip Dobson, Owner, Interlagos