Video location makes a huge difference to performance

Video location

We’ve produced hundreds of videos for a wide range of clients across many different specialties and are always keen to see the stats on how many times the webpage is loaded, how many views the video has had and which are the top performing videos.

It’s not necessarily the subject matter that will define what makes one video more popular than another nor the size of the audience it is reaching.  What we put it down to is how well informed people are that the video actually exists.  There really is no point in going to the trouble of producing a video, loading it to your website and hoping that people will find it, unless your audience knows that your video is available.

That is why we not only produce health and care videos but we extend our services to helping our clients get their videos seen.  This has worked successfully through many ways such as including web links within appointment letters and text messages, putting stickers on cervical collars and casts, barcodes on leaflets, internal communications to staff and TV screens in waiting areas.

One of the top performing videos ‘Managing Adult Sepsis‘ produced for Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust continues to attract high numbers of plays which we put down to it’s prominent location on the homepage of the Trust’s intranet site.

‘We made the video about our new sepsis pathway and the escalation of the septic patient for the Royal Surrey County Hospital 18 months ago. We have used it in training all members of staff in the hospital and for the new doctors and nurses that start throughout the year. It is also on the trust homepage so anyone can watch it.  It has been a massive success and has opened my eyes to how easy it is to use video as an educational resource. In this three minute video we have taught most members of staff in a busy district hospital how to recognise and treat sepsis. H&CV were amazing throughout. They listened to our ideas and gave us helpful advice on the best way of delivering what we needed. It was an extremely easy process to make the video and we are considering further videos for other projects that we are running in the trust’.

Geeta Aggarwal and Nial Quiney, Clinical Sepsis Leads, Royal Surrey County Hospital


Personalise and use the ‘Managing Adult Sepsis’ training video in your own organisation – find out more here.


Our Vimeo stats below show the incredible number of page views, i.e. the number of people that visit the site on a monthly basis (taking a drop in November when the site was taken down for maintenance) and those that go on to view the video.

Sepsis video views

What can you do to get your video seen?

So when you are planning to produce any videos, it’s worth taking some time to think about the following questions so that you are very clear how to give your video as much exposure as possible:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • Who is it for?
  • Which forms of communication can you use to best engage with that audience? Ie. face to face at appointments, leaflet, text messaging, email, waiting areas, etc.
  • What digital technology or automation processes can be used in order to reduce time and costs?

For more information on this subject visit our ‘Academy’ page and take a look at our short video on ‘Using Your Videos‘.