Natural c-section video captured at Torbay Hospital

Natural c-section video

A huge congratulations to our partner organisation Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust who were featured as part of an ITV news story on ‘natural caesareans’.

A natural caesarean or c-section is when the baby effectively ‘delivers itself ‘ by wriggling their body out of the mother’s womb. Doctors first make an incision into the womb and bring out the baby’s head. It is then left to manoeuvre its shoulders out alone in a way that is similar to natural birth.

C-section ITVITV came to talk to the team at Torbay Hospital as they are one of the first in the region to carry out this procedure.

Making natural c-section the norm

The footage seen of the actual c-section being performed had been previously filmed by Health and Care Videos.  The Trust wanted to create a video to show expectant mothers the natural caesarean procedure to help them understand the process and give them the experience of what it feels like to be a patient.  They hoped the video would answer some of their questions and help relieve anxiety.

This video is just one in a whole series that we have worked closely with the maternity department on over the last few months.  Others include a tour of the maternity unit, what to expect during antenatal care, how to adopt a healthy diet and preparing for delivery.  The full series can be viewed in the ‘Maternity Services’ section on the Trust’s website.

We hope that using video within maternity services will help improve patient care through:

  • Provision of detailed and accurate information
  • Improving knowledge and understanding
  • Reducing message repetition (and therefore appointment time)
  • Providing consistent messages across the region
  • Reducing fear and anxiety
  • Helping preparation
  • Improving patient experience and engagement

Would you benefit from using video?

If you’re interested in finding out more about using these videos within your own department, click here to view the full series and our pricing options.