Case study: South Devon maternity uses Polish video subtitles for local community

South Devon Maternity

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are embracing their Polish community by providing maternity patients with a greater understanding of their care journey.

There is a large Polish community within the South Devon area and the trust have realised that their patient’s care needs could be improved.

The maternity department at Torbay Hospital, part of the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, have produced a series of guidance videos in partnership with Health and Care Videos for pregnant women to help them understand the steps involved in their pregnancy care. The department’s aim is to provide high quality care for all pregnant women and their families. You can see the videos here.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for new parents, but can be also very daunting for first-time mums, especially with the added hurdle of a language barrier, which can add to their stress.

The Trust saw the benefits supporting their Polish community and as a test of the appetite for support such as this have added Polish subtitles to their ‘Schedule of Care’ video to help Polish mums-to-be and their families feel reassured.This is the first videos in the series and provides an overview of the relationship between mum, her midwife and the care process during maternity.

A spokesperson for the Trust adds “Language barriers can be a problem in most daily circumstances, but in healthcare it is important that patients are fully able to understand what’s involved in their care, so they are not only better informed, but better able to make important decisions for themselves.

This video provides patients with the extra reassurance that their care needs are being met, and provides them with a greater understanding of what to expect during their pregnancy. Having subtitles on the Trust’s video now means it is a less stressful time for new parents and first-time mums.

Midwife John Smith says Our patients really appreciate our commitment to their care and feel comforted by these subtitles. We are now able to get the information across much more clearly, giving our patients a greater understanding of their care, but also a better standard of care.

It is an significant time for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, who are working with Health and Care Videos to produce this subtitled version along with other videos in a range of clinical areas. It highlights the Trust’s commitment to their patient’s care, providing not only clearer information and greater understanding, but also a better standard of care.

The Trust are planning to include subtitles on more of their videos, so that their Polish patient’s can feel assured that they really at home in South Devon.