Putting knowledge into the hands of patients – Richard Wyatt-Haines’ TEDx Talk

We are thrilled to share director Richard Wyatt Haines’ captivating TEDx talk on the theme of wisdom and innovation.

Here Richard talks about the shift in the way we engage with technology and the internet, and how it is much more pervasive in the lives of the broader population than we may think.
’87% of the population (over 40 million people) have a smart phone, and of those, 77% or 11 million people are 55 to 75-year-olds. Over 50% of smart phone users will have used them to watch a video in the last week’
It’s a great insight in to how we as a company are using this shift to make health information more accessible by putting assured medical information in the hands of patients, where and when they need it most. .
‘Today, there are 142,000 patients in a hospital bed, there will be 5 million GP appointments this week, and 10 million operations this year. All of these people need and want information.’

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