Case Study: Robinson Healthcare commissions tick removal videos

Tick removal videos

Why Video?

Robinson Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of healthcare products.  They saw the use of video as a vital part of not only getting the message across about their product range but to ensure consistency in training material for their customers.

Key outcomes

  • Ensure consistent messaging
  • Reduce number of calls to technical support
  • Provide correct usage instructions
  • Reduce wastage
  • Easy access to videos

The Videos

One of their more recent creations are the tick removal forceps, an instrument heavily dependent on correct use for what is deemed a high risk clinical procedure.  They wanted to convey a consistent message to their customers about how to use it and also needed to accurately simulate the tick and the procedure for its removal without using a live case.  We were able to do this and provided a highly lifelike dummy tick, carefully crafted by our makeup artist to use in the filming.

Another of Robinson’s product lines, the dry wipe, is very popular with many healthcare organisations.  However, one of their major clients, with multiple sites across the UK, was potentially using  more dry wipes than they needed to. This highlighted the fact that consistent training was needed in the correct use of the wipe. The video was loaded onto the client’s learning portal for all staff to access across all sites.

To ensure clients buying Robinson’s ear plugs used the products effectively and with limited space on the pack for instructions, a QR code helped overcome the problem.  When scanned, it directs existing and potential new customers to an instructional video.

The training videos not only help train staff effectively, they cover technical issues relating to a product.  This has helped significantly reduce the number of queries their tech support team normally receive after a new product line is launched.

Client Feedback

Says Ralph Day, Robinson Healthcare Business Development Manager, ‘I have had 24/7 access to Richard, Health and Care Videos Director and have found it an extremely easy process to incorporate the use of video into what we do.  Everyone I have worked with at HCV is highly professional, supportive and talented.  They have provided an efficient service and rapid turnaround from scripting to editing and once signed off, the videos were immediately available.   We’d very much like to embed video as a core marketing tool as well as playing an important part in sales training and interactive customer briefings’.