The Torbay Community Carers Project is an initiative, put forward by Torbay Council, to standardise and improve care in the local area.

This project aims to do this by supporting local carers by providing a variety of resources. These include video libraries, learning management systems (LMS) and events supplied by Health & Care Videos.

Here we’ll outline what the Torbay Community Carers Project is, what it aims to do and how Health & Care Videos will help the project improve care across Torbay.

What is the Torbay Community Carers Project?

The Torbay Community Carers Project is part of the Better Care Fund; a programme that aims to help people manage their own health and wellbeing from the comfort of their home for as long as possible.

This programme spans across the NHS and local government. It tries to link local health and care services to provide a high quality of care.

The Torbay Community Careers Project aims to help this initiative by providing several supportive resources for informal carers in the Torbay region. 

By equipping carers with vital skills through these resources, Torbay Council hopes to improve the quality of life for vulnerable members of the community. It also offers support for those who care for them and relieve strain on the NHS.

This comes at a very important time for Torbay, as the council’s Joint Strategic Needs assessment found that:

  • Torbay’s total population is estimated to grow by around 4.9% between 2015 and 2015 (7.3% England)
  • The over 70 population is estimated to increase by 28.1%, from 24,000 to 30,700 by 2025 (29.2% in England)

“Overall, Torbay has an ageing population; with proportionally more older people compared to England.” In fact, this isn’t just in comparison to the rest of England, the neighbouring councils, Devon and Plymouth, have much younger populations.

Many in this ageing population require a high level of care and support. Consequently, this means that Torbay is facing a major strategic risk of a rising cost per population for health and care support.

Aims of the project:

The Torbay Community Carers Project has several aims it’s trying to achieve, including: 

  • Create and improve local resources for informal carers and voluntary organisations
  • Support patients and their carers through pathways of care in order to better inform them before a potential admission, and help them prepare for discharge
  • Provide a single point of access for all health and advice information that carers might find useful
  • Give the voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Torbay access to these resources to increase their role in supporting patients and carers that need better signposting
  • Raise awareness of Torbay Council’s involvement in the ‘Proud to Care’ campaign
  • Help unpaid carers develop their skills in addition to finding opportunities in the paid care sector
  • Increase capacity and capability in the Torbay care sector

Torbay Council approached Health & Care Videos 

In September 2017, Torbay Council approached Health & Care Videos with several ideas for this community-based project.

Health & Care Videos is the creator of the UK’s largest video library. It is a joint partnership with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and has over 800 patient, carer and staff-facing videos.These videos are all stored in online libraries tailored to the primary, secondary and care sectors. 

They have been developed by clinicians and specialists who work in the health and care sector. There is evidence that these videos save time and money, as well as improve the patient and end-user experience. 

Health & Care Videos can also assist with the implementation and marketing of these videos, so that their clients can achieve their goals. 

How will they help the Torbay Community Carers Project?

Torbay Council asked Health & Care Videos to create and improve resources for Torbay’s informal carers, as well as those they care for.

Throughout this project, they will:

  • Create a customisable Informal Carers Video Library
  • Build a LMS that will help carers achieve the Care Certificate
  • Develop a supportive forum for carers
  • Schedule and host a range of focus groups and drop-in days

These will enable patients and carers to take control of their care in the home setting without the need to engage with care professionals. As a result, this will reduce the number of hospital admissions and improve the quality of care across Torbay.