Use video for maximum impact

Helping you to use video for maximum impact

We work with our clinical partners to help them make sure that their videos are working hard to have the maximum impact. In other words, we don’t want their videos sat idle; we want them helping and supporting patients and staff to:

– Improve the patient experience
– Increase capacity, and
– Save costs

Video can have an enormous impact in all of these areas and we want to help you to maximise the results that you achieve. We can support you in three main ways:

1) On-line Support

This is the very minimum level of support that we provide to everyone with whom we work. We have a great range of resources, including:

  • how to video guides
  • monthly newsletters
  • social media ready to use content
  • personal guidance

These will all help you to get your videos live in the right places and seen by your target audience.  Watch The Power of Video‘ short clip.

2) Video Champions

We run workshops to train Video Champions to lead the implementation of video across the organisation by exploring the potential ways in which videos can be deployed, principally with patients and in clinical pathways, but also to support staff.

We encourage participants to identify the various touch points that exist and how video can be used throughout the patient journey. We are looking to add to the patient experience, support shared decision-making and self-care, increase capacity and save costs.

We also work out how to use video to help staff by offering learning that is available any time, any place and anywhere. We address how that learning can be recorded so that evidence can be captured for regulators and continuing professional development.  For more details visit our planning page.

3) The Digital Organisation

We work with some of our clinical partners to support them to embed video deep into their clinical pathways in three or four clinical areas. This also establishes organisation-wide knowledge and capabilities that will help them to utilise video effectively across a wide range of specialties and departments.  Take a look at what we are doing with an intern placed into North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

If you want to discuss details about any of these support programmes, please ring or email.