What are people saying about Health & Care Videos?

Our clinicians and subject matter experts have been outstanding advocates of the benefits that video brings. They are increasingly using video in their daily practice activities and continue to create new videos to support their service delivery because they have seen the benefits first hand. Here is just a small selection of some of the feedback we have received:

“I would recommend Health and Care Videos to every health or care provider. They bring real benefit to patients and added value to any service”

Johnathan Broad – The Q Community at The Health Foundation

The videos really help us to reinforce the information that we provide, in a consistent way. Being a visual aid, we’re not just telling our patients something – we’re able to show them, which helps them to understand what to expect.”

Berni Sullivan, Senior Physiotherapist – Trauma & Orthopaedics

“Video is a great medium to use as it enables us to be more compliant. Using these videos has changed the way that we train our staff across the Trust. Giving increased accessibility for training and re-training staff, they can be viewed within the clinical setting during the working day. This has a big financial benefit for the Trust.”

Phillipa Hiles, Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children

“Not only have they helped us reduce the time we were spending on appointments, but they are also a great way to provide instructions to relatives and carers who may not have been able to visit at the appropriate times”

Frances Hunt, Clinical Manager for Physiotherapy

“The videos have provided a means of accessible and user-friendly training for a wide range of health and social care staff in different settings within an Integrated Care Organisation. The Health and Care Video’s team have been thoroughly supportive, friendly and professional throughout the process of producing the videos, from understanding what objectives we are trying to achieve in the development stages through to the final production”

Julie Kemmner, Clinical Community Dietitian and Team Lead

“Using videos is the way forward as we’re often bombarded with written information and people don’t want to read it. These videos are short and sharp and our patients like them as an information source. We use them to help educate our patients about starting new treatments. Patients can then view them again at home should they want to. What’s more, we often recommend that they watch the video before calling our helpline as the answer is usually in the content, saving us time.”

Chris Dixon, Lead Nurse – Rheumatology/Osteoporosis

“Using video allows us to deliver consistent messaging to a wider audience, whilst saving time and money for our organisation and for the people who would normally have to come to a training session. We can deliver online training, reaching more people and saving time for different staff groups as they don’t need to attend a course – they can simply watch the videos at a suitable time for them.”

Andrea Arnold, Speech and Language Therapist

“Having a team focused purely on health and care was a clear advantage when communicating with patients and medics. It was a quick production and I was very happy with the results.”

George Brighton – Technical Health Ltd.

“We now have a consistent core message given to everyone across the patch so wherever the patient is from, they will get the same message and the same core sets of exercises”

Raju Ramesh, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Everyone I have come into contact with at HCV is very professional, supportive and talented. They have provided an efficient service and rapid turnaround from scripting to editing. Once signed off the videos were immediately available”

Ralph Day – Robinsons Healthcare