Video improves patient confidence in diabetes self-management

Low attendance on the ‘Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes’ group sessions

The Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes programme is a face to face group education session delivered by the Healthy Lifestyles team at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Typically consisting of two, three-hour sessions, the course provides patients with information, motivation, and behavioural skills to increase their confidence in self-managing type 2 diabetes effectively.
Recently diagnosed patients are referred to this programme by their GP, but end of year results showed that only 59% of those referred agreed to take part, and then only 79% of attendees went on to complete the programme.

How video has helped educate this hard to reach group

Analysis showed the lowest number of attendees came from within the 25 – 60 age range so to encourage self-management in younger service users, the team identified that digital technology and video and related app, could help them provide flexible access to resources and assured health information.
They therefore collaborated with Health and Care Videos to produce a series of Diabetes related information videos.
Video not only enabled the team to offer accessible, easily understandable advice, but patients from the 25 – 60 age range who previously found it difficult to attend the face to face programme are now taking the virtual class through the use of an app.
Results and service evaluation showed an improved confidence in patients managing their condition after using the app

  • 100% of users found the videos helpful
  • 73% of users said they would use the app again

How it worked

Over 13 videos were produced in total to cover diet, the importance of physical activity, required regular health check-ups, and looking after your feet.
What is Diabetes and how can it be treated?
What are the possible complications of Diabetes
How can you live a healthier lifestyle with Diabetes?
Watch them all here:
The videos were used in two different ways:

1. Diabetes Education Clinic Trial

The key learning from their original 6-hour training programme was converted in to video format and used to assist their group education sessions. An efficient digital infrastructure was created from which to deliver an online video programme and offer online support to patients. This was initially offered to patients who had declined the group offer and as a patient led option for new referrals however links to the videos were also sent via email to non-attendees.

‘The videos are very clear, and they also help hold people’s concentration as they are a change of format and a different way of getting the information across rather than it all coming from the deliverer.’ Sarah Henwood, Health Improvement Practitioner

2. Patient Journey App – Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes

The diabetes videos were also used to form the core educational resource of a patient journey app.
A consecutive series of patients were prescribed the app if they were at risk of type 2 diabetes or had recently been diagnosed, and was used to supplement information given by their practitioner
As well as watching the videos, the user could also complete written information quizzes, receive relevant push notifications, and follow links to external resources, such as the diabetes UK website.

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