Using video and an elearning platform to support a clinical trial

elearning platform

Health & Care Videos are creating four new videos and an elearning platform to support a clinical trial run by Nottingham University, named ATTACK.

Here we’ll explore exactly how the ATTACK trial is using these resources and how they are benefiting both patients and staff involved.

About the ATTACK trial

ATTACK stands foelearning platformr ‘Aspirin to Target Arterial Events in Chronic Kidney (Disease)’. It’s a multicentre study that is set to include up to 450 GP surgeries.

The practices will be in charge of getting consent from patients to participate in the trial and monitoring their progress throughout. 

In previous studies, the normal approach was for a member of the research team to visit each GP practice and train members of staff in the recruitment and monitoring process. The site would not go live until this training was complete and with a large amount to visit often meant a delay in starting to recruit participants

Organising and visiting all of these practices is a very time-consuming and costly task and if someone leaves the practice, the site would need to be revisited to conduct the training again.

Through video and an online elearning platform, Health & Care Videos and the ATTACK team identified a solution which would vastly improve this process. 

Our digital solution that will support a clinical trial

We have produced four videos:

‘What is  ATTACK trial?’ is patient facing and will be embedded into the study-specific website.

The other three videos are to be used as GP training aids and will be integrated into the elearning platform:

    • ‘An Introduction to the ATTACK trial for staff’
    • ‘ATTACK trial GCP Training’
    • ‘How to use the ATTACK site study file’

The  study team will be able to monitor activity remotely through the elearning platform so they will know which GPs are trained and ready to start recruiting. This eliminates the need for the hourl-long face-to-face training and the average two hours travelling for the research nurses to get to each session, so saves roughly 1350 hours for the 450 sites.

Using these digital resources to support a clinical trial not only saves time, reduces costs and speeds up training and recruitment, they bring a dynamic and engaging aspect to the study itself. We look forward to seeing the results of using these interventions in the coming months.

If you want to find out more about our videos and elearning platforms talk to our team today.

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