Celebrating three years of an Integrated Care Organisation

South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust merged into

Mrs Smith

Torbay & South Devon Foundation Trust, an Integrated Care Organisation combining acute and community services and creating a person-centred approach to care.

To celebrate the positive work that has been done since two Trusts merged and to encourage staff-members to get involved

in making positive changes, Health & Care Videos were commissioned to make a 2d animated video and poster that presented the information in a visual and engaging way.

The animated story focuses on Mrs Smith, an existing fictional character (used on past Trust material) to show how Mrs Smith and her family receive care. 

Torbay & South Devon Foundation Trust team will use the video and posters to:

  • Empower staff-members to make a change
  • Evoke passion for ICO and departments
  • Encourage person-centred care closer to home
  • Support patients to stay well
  • Better share information between health and care services

To find out more about our animation work, please contact our team.

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