#EndPJParalysis with Health and Care Videos


Hospitals across the country are taking part in the #EndPJParalysis campaign. Their aim is to get their patients dressed and out of bed as soon as they are able.
Professor Jane Cummings, the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) for England, launched the campaign at the CNO summit this year.
“For many wearing pyjamas reinforces feeling unwell and can prevent a speedy recovery. One of the most valuable resources is a patients’ time and getting people up and dressed is a vital step in ensuring that they do not spend any longer than is clinically necessary in hospital.”

About the #EndPJParalysis campaign:

#EndPJParalysis is#EndPJParalysis a 70-day mission to get one million patients up, dressed and moving while in hospital. 
This is a significant issue in the UK healthcare system. Recent studies suggest that three-in-five immobile older patients have no medical reason that requires bed rest. However, doubling the amount of walking could significantly reduce the length of stay and accelerate the recovery process.
The core aims of the #EndPJParalysis campaign are to:

  • Reduce the length of hospital stays by up to 1.5 days
  • Prevent the risk of infections among elderly patients
  • Minimise muscle degeneration
  • Reduce the negative impact of stays in hospital
  • Improve patient mobility
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Enable more timely discharges and admissions
  • Help build system capacity by improving patient flow

This initiative should also help patients shift their view from “I’m sick” to “I’m getting better”, and accelerate their recovery time.
“By getting patients into their own clothes and building their strength, as well as improving their mental outlook on the reason for their stay, it enhances the mental wellbeing of patients as they are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own health and become active participants in their personal health journey.” Professor Jane Cummings

How is video supporting the campaign?

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust commissioned a video from Health and Care Videos, entitled ’24 Hours of Rehabilitation’.
The video itself explores the notion of deconditioning (losing strength and confidence) and identifies simple day-to-day tasks that patients can try during their stay in hospital.
Now there is a QR code sticker on the side of each patient bed. The staff at Royal Cornwall Hospitals advises patients to scan the code to access the video.
In a few simple steps, they will find easily accessible and actionable advice that will help them shorten their stay and speed up their recovery.
This video has the ability to help not only Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, but the wider medical community, reach their target and #EndPJparalysis for good.
If you are interested in using this video or finding out how health and care videos could help you achieve other goals, speak to our team today