Introducing Helpr: the platform connecting care across the country


Helpr is a social enterprise that helps carers connect with those seeking care. It boasts high-quality care at an affordable price, as well as superior support for carers.

They “put people before profit” and aim to improve the health and social care sector in the year to come. Here we’ll look at how Helpr has achieved this and also see how Health & Care Videos helped them get started.

What is Helpr?

Helpr is an innovative new platform that connects social care workers with care recipients. It’s available as a web platform and as a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

The company describes itself as an ‘introductory platform’, establishing relationships between two ends of Britain’s social care market.

It’s important to know that Helpr is not a care agency. In fact, their aim is to remove the middle-man in order to help clients save money and care workers earn more. 

Estimates say that care workers can make up to 66% more than they are at the moment, while patients will end up paying 20% less. This change is due to the fact that there are no agency fees, and the entire process is completely transparent.

Helpr is set to change the British social care system. By using a technological solution, it will become much more efficient and user-friendly. It has the potential to encourage more care providers to embrace similar eHealth and eCare solutions.

Why is it good for care recipients?

Helpr is a powerful tool for care recipients; it gives them much more control over their care and is much more affordable than current methods.

Every carer associated with Helpr is certified and background checked. This ensures high-quality care, no matter who comes to assist you.

The flexible nature of Helpr is a huge bonus for care recipients. They can choose from hourly, half-daily, daily, overnight and live-in care options in these specialist areas:

  • In-home care
  • Live-in care
  • Dementia care
  • Respite care
  • Overnight care

Helpr understands that everyone’s needs are unique, so that is why they offer a personalised service tailored to the recipient’s requirements. Their aim is to help their clients make the right choice and give them reassurance that everything will be OK. 

These care services are very flexible, so can be adjusted according to need. Some weeks a client may just need half days, but if their primary caregiver goes away they might need an overnight service.

Why is it good for carers?

Care partners registered with Helpr receive free training and certification. This not only provides a high quality of care, but also helps them with professional development.

Helpr also allows carers to claim travel fees, cost of procuring uniform and more, so they can earn the maximum amount possible for each case.

The Helpr app’s functionality also streamlines the care procurement process for partners. The in-app scheduling, maps and alert systems make daily tasks much easier.

This platform also handles payments on the carer’s behalf. They know exactly how much they’ll earn for a particular assignment and also keep track of their hours. This will improve their financial security, and give them more control over their work.

How Health & Care Videos are helping Helpr

Helpr gives all of their carers precise training to ensure that they meet the high standards required by the care recipients. 

Health & Care Videos have helped them streamline this process by creating a Learning Management System (LMS) known as the ‘Helpr Hub’.

Through this hub, the carers can take part in various courses including the Care Certificate, Dementia and other basic training. Completion of these accredited courses proves that each carer has the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care for all their recipients.

The Care Certificate is split into 15 standards. For each standard there are two sections; 

  1. Knowledge section – A range of informative videos about different areas of care/procedures
  2. Assessment section – Interactive quiz

The carer must achieve 80% or higher on all of these standards to get the Care Certificate. 

As more carers join Helpr and take the Care Certificate, the quality of care across the country will improve. Digitising learning standards makes it much more accessible, and will allow carers across the country to benefit from it.

If you think your social care team would benefit from an LMS system geared towards achieving the Care Certificate and other courses, get in touch with the Health & Care Videos team today.