Encouraging participation in clinical trials

Clinical trials

To support the University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust in recruiting more participants to their clinical trials, we created a set of videos that outlining key information about what was involved in clinical research and the benefits in taking part.

About the University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust

The University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust is quickly becoming a leading centre for medical research. This enables participating patients in the local area to be part of exciting opportunities to help develop the latest technologies, treatments and care.

There is still a certain amount of difficulty recruiting onto clinical trials as some people believe that participating may damage their health, that it will take up a lot of time and may not be aware of the range of trials that actually exist.

As part of a push to encourage more people to get involved, the Trust commissioned Health & Care Videos to produce a set of videos to use within their community.

The videos are being shared on social media, in waiting rooms and links on appointment letters, and we are hoping the Trust will see a marked increase in clinical trial recruitment.

To find out more about our work in clinical trials visit www.clinicaltrials.healthandcarevideos.com

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