5 ways to support your video

Support your video

Helping you to use video for maximum impact

Our involvement doesn’t come to an end once your video has been produced and approved.  We like to continue our work post production to ensure your videos are not sat idle and are working hard to have the maximum impact to:

– Improve the patient experience
– Increase capacity
– Save costs

In order to help maximise results in these key areas we have a developed a number of post production support services as part of our academy:


A free resource that is automatically provided to everyone with whom we work. Our series of ‘How to Guides’ will help you get your videos live in the right places and seen by your target audience.



This is something that we make freely available for any new video that is produced.  We can provide you with a set of Twitter ‘Tweets’ and Facebook ‘Posts’ so you can easily copy, paste and personalise for your own use on social media.  Take a look at some examples.


Bespoke workshops for ‘video champion’ groups or individuals within an organisation to explore the potential ways in which videos can be deployed.  The workshops will give practical help and advice using a variety of resources.


A QR code is an easy way to use your mobile phone or tablet to quickly link to the relevant video.  We can set you up with your own unique QR code within minutes.

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Informing patients about your videos can be done in a variety of ways including giving them a professionally printed leaflet to take away with them or a sticker to place on a piece of equipment.  To make the process easy for you, we can design and print these for you.

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A way to truly focus and embed video at the heart of what you do and in multiple clinical areas.  Having someone in place for a set period of time can speed up implementation time and help you delve deeper into discovering the areas in which video can improve efficiencies and patient experience. Take a look at how this is happening at North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.


Your video is live and ready for your staff and patients to view.  But how do you know how many views you have had and did they watch it all the way to the end?  We have the capability to provide you monthly reports on these statistics which will arm you with important evaluation data to help assess the impact your video is having.


A great way to get feedback from the viewer of your video is to add a question to the end.  This will not only show that they have watched it to the end but will help you find out the impact the video had.  We will compile this data and on a monthly basis, will send you a report.


If you would like to discuss any of these support programmes in more depth, please call us on 01626 833937 or send an email.  Please note that there is a charge for some of these services.