Technical Health – Video supports tender application

Video supports tender


Technical Health have a unique team of clinicians and developers working together, devoted entirely to supporting digital health projects for both NHS and private clients.  They are striving to improve healthcare through digital technology.


Dr George Brighton, Founder and Medical Director of Technical Health wanted to stand out from the crowd whilst putting in an application for a fellowship post, which if successful would result in significant support in partnering with the NHS and commercial clients.


I found Health and Care Videos to be very professional and it was obvious they had a lot of experience in visual production.  The shoot took place in a professionally run studio, and they gave clear guidance on how to stand and speak in front of the camera, which for a health professional, didn’t come naturally!  It took 3-4 takes to get the final version and the overlayed text and logo looked clear and professional.  I felt that having a team focused purely on health and care was a clear advantage when communicating with patients and medics.  Overall it was a quick production and I was very happy with the results’.