Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust – Over 200 videos across 30 specialties go live on website

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust


Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust had seen the opportunity that using video presented to improving their patient care, so being innovators and ahead of their peers, obtained funding and instructed a trial to take place.


It was at this stage that Richard Wyatt-Haines, who was then running a company that produced short videos, came on board to assist with the trial.  Clinicians within the Trust were used to help write the scripts and filming took place on the premises at the Horizon Centre and on the wards themselves.


No-one could have ever predicted the outcome of this trial and since that first video was produced, the Trust now have a library of over 200 videos in 30 specialties all live and accessible by staff and patients on their internal and public facing websites.  They are the only Trust in the UK to have access to such a diverse and large digital resource and it is because of this that the Health and Care Videos partnership was created in order to continue to grow the video library and make it available to other Trusts and organisations.

Here is an example of one of the videos, with all the public facing ones available to view on the Trust’s website here

Ways in which clinicians and patients can use the videos are also being developed and tested such as showing the videos in waiting rooms, adding links to text reminders for appointments and using QR codes on stickers attached to cervical collars.


Dr Matt Halkes, Anaesthetist and Director of Education at the Trust,who leads the project says ‘We have found that the clinicians across the Trust feel that using video to assist patients in their treatment pathways really helps to improve communication, and ultimately we believe it will reduce costs for the Trust’. He goes on to say ‘with mobile technology on the increase, video is easily accessible and can be viewed anytime and anywhere