Supporting clinical research with our digital resource hub

Digital resource hub

Our recently created digital resource hub contains a range of top tips, videos and case studies to support clinical research teams who are using or thinking about using digital methodologies within their trial management.

The advancement of technology has opened doors to new ways of working and is slowly being adopted across the NHS with patient record systems going digital, apps being used to support long-term conditions, online consultations with your GP and ordering repeat prescriptions.

New technologies are helping to streamline and centralise processes, provide platforms to easily access resources and open up cost-effective communication using social media channels.

Within clinical research, it clearly has a place to promote research studies and raise awareness, increase patient recruitment levels also helping to support and improve operational activities. Take a look at our clinical research hub here:

Digital resource hub

About the digital resource hub?

Our new digital resource hub is freely accessible to clinical research teams contains a range of information such as:

  • Free to download videos you can share that encourage participation in research
  • Top tips on using social media
  • Case studies on how video, elearning and apps are being used effectively

We also run onsite workshops if you’d like your team to take part in an interactive session to delve deeper into using digital and social media.   

Take a look at the resource hub and see how digital is being used to:

  • Recruiting more qualified patients
  • Speeding up staff training through online sessions
  • Eradicating costs and time-delays for face-to-face sessions
  • Raising awareness of clinical trials in local areas

To find out more about our clinical trials services, please contact our team.


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