Short video: how one 6-second video made a very happy 5-year old

Short video

It’s not always about what we do that is important to health and care, but the way we do it.  Ali Porter from our production team wins our customer service award this month due to the way her simple, yet effective suggestion, made one little 5 year old feel at ease.

Filming was about to commence for a series of videos for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust’s Children’s Learning Disability Health Team.  The videos ‘Welcome to the team’, ‘Top tips to help your child sleep well’ and ‘Top tips to raising a child with special needs’ needed a real-life family to be part of the production to make it relevant to the local community.

One family were particularly happy to be filmed along with their son Freddie, aged 5.  Due to Freddie’s disability, he often gets concerned about new situations or those outside of his control, so the idea was to get Harry and Jack, the crew due to visit the family’s home, to do a simple 6 second video prior to their arrival to say ‘hello’ to Freddie.

This simple act seemed to win Freddie over who, on arrival of our production team, was more than happy to take part and seemed to warm very much towards Jack! His mum said that she had never seen Freddie so animated and happy about strangers being in his home and felt that it was down to the video he watched the day before giving him confidence in this out of the ordinary situation.

She goes on to say that as a parent of a child with a disability, it would be great to have ‘What to expect’ videos available for her son to watch prior to visiting the hospital for an appointment, as it would be hugely beneficial in relieving his anxiety and reducing behavioural issues on the day.

Harry and Jack even went that extra mile to send Freddie a thank you video the day after filming!