Videos boost clinical trial volunteer recruitment

Videos boost clinical trial recruitment

Recruitment in clinical trials is a complex process involving not only patients but physicians, sponsors, trials professionals and research staff. Hindered by tight timelines and often fragmented communications, recruitment rates can be disappointingly low.
Often the information used in clinical trials can be quite lengthy and due to legal requirements, to meet governing body standards, can contain a lot of jargon.   It was felt that using video could support the patient by making communication more visual and easier to digest as well as making it an affordable resource for recruitment.
Testing of the use of video took place as part of the STRENGTH trial* at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust.  It included the use of 2 GP and 3 patient facing videos (see our launch article for more information).

The results

There has been an amazing level of support for the trial, with the message that videos have had a significant impact on patients’ understanding and engagement.  The graphs clearly show the impact video has had on recruitment compared to sites not using video.

Feedback from clinical research teams is also positive as you can see from the interview with two research nurses in the video below:

And patient surveys have also delivered positive responses:


If you’d like to use video in your clinical trial then please give us a call on 01626 833937 to plan how it could be implemented.

Strength Trial
*The Strength Trial looks at how a highly concentrated fish oil pill could reduce the effects of heart disease and lower the risk of having a stroke or another stroke.  It is a 5 year trial.